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Mixed feelings for F&H Racing after the Spanish Grand Prix

Mixed feelings for F&H Racing after the Spanish Grand Prix

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The F&H Racing team looks back on the Spanish Grand Prix with mixed feelings. Both Courtney Duncan and Quentin Prugnières felt well at home on the track, but due to mistakes they did not get the results they were going for.

Due to a knee injury, Duncan has had a limited preparation for the season. Despite this, she was in the lead for much of the first moto until she made a small mistake. Duncan managed to get a third place out of it and kept the damage to a minimum.

In the second moto she got another good start, but due to a number of setbacks she did not get further than a nineteenth place. Of course Duncan was very disappointed about this, but in the coming period she will work hard to get even stronger for the coming races.

Quentin Prugnieres managed to set a fourteenth time in time practice. In the qualifying heat, he got a very good start and was able to start the race in the top five. Due to a mistake in the early stages, he was knocked all the way back to nineteenth place, but managed to fight his way back to sixteenth place in the remaining part of the heat.

A crash on the first lap of the first moto meant that he had to play catch-up. Prugnieres set a high pace and managed to relegate one rider after the other. After a moto in which he gave it his all, he finished in seventeenth place.

After a good start in the second moto, he came out of the first lap in the top ten. In the early stages he held his own just outside the top ten, but then he lost his rhythm and it started to become more difficult. Prugnieres finished sixteenth and also finished in sixteenth place in the general classification.

In the world championship standings, the Frenchman occupies fifteenth place after two races. On the weekend of 6 and 7 April, the world championship will continue in Riola Sardo, Sardinia.

Results WMX Spain:
1 Daniele Guillen 50 pts
2 Lotte van Drunen 44 pts
3 Lynn Falcon 36 pts
4 Sara Andersen 34 pts
5 Kiara Fontanesi 32 pts
9 Courtney Duncan 25 pts

Results Grand Prix MX2 Spain:
1 Kay de Wolf 47 pts
2 Simon Laengenfelder 42 pts
3 Andrea Adamo 40 pts
4 Lucas Coenen 38 pts
5 Liam Everts 33 pts
16 Quentin Prugnieres 9 pts

MX2 World Championship Standings:
1 Kay de Wolf 113 pts
2 Simon Laengenfelder 101 pts
3 Andrea Adamo 82 pts
4 Lucas Coenen 75 pts
5 Thibault Benistant 72 pts
15 Quentin Prugnieres 26 pts