Kevin Horgmo sixth in Indonesia

F&H Kawasaki Racing Team’s Kevin Horgmo defied no-fault collisions in both motos of the twelfth-round of the FIM World MX2 Motocross Championship at Samota-Sumbawa in Indonesia to claim sixth overall.

The Norwegian was not the only rider to be caught out by the unpredictable surface of loose volcanic ash on top of sharp-edged ruts during the early laps of race one as a couple of “moments” saw him pushed back from fourth to sixth but he soon regrouped strongly. He was significantly faster than the riders around him as he advanced back up the leaderboard until a collision as he went for an outside-pass on the rider in third cost fifteen seconds and saw him relegated once more to seventh. Relentlessly reeling the leaderboard riders back in he was back to fifth within four laps but the front-four had escaped and he sensibly saved energy for race two through the final laps in the hot and humid conditions. A fifth-placed start was soon negated in race two as he was shunted from behind in a sharp turn. Rejoining the race last, and with the front brake lever damaged in the incident, the Scandinavian showed his resilience as he pushed despite the handicap to salvage seventh place by the close. His determination earnt sixth overall on the day and confirms his fourth place in the series points standings.

Kevin Horgmo: “The first two or three corners off the start were really difficult and slippery for everyone; there were people all over the place but my riding was good and I was back to fourth until I crashed with another rider. Without that for sure I could have been third. At the start of the second race I made a small mistake in the waves and couldn’t double into the following turn so I decided to cut into the inside; the rider behind me didn’t realise, jumped into my rear wheel and we crashed. The front brake lever snapped off in the crash, so I had to ride the entire race with no brake. Now we have the long trip home but I hope my recovery will go fast and I can get some good bike training ready for Loket. “

Jed Beaton showed good pace during the first half of race one as he advanced from eighth to sixth but the Australian ran out of energy in the heat during the final fifteen minutes to be pushed back to tenth at the chequered flag. The second moto was difficult from the word go but he persevered to finish fourteenth for twelfth overall. He remains seventeenth in the championship standings.

Jed Beaton: “The layout of the track looked really nice when we arrived even though it’s rocky underneath. I ran up front for twenty minutes in the first moto – that was really positive – but then the heat got to me so I went into the second race on the back foot as I’m still not back to 100%. “

A strong fourth position for Kevin Horgmo in the Grand Prix of Germany

Kevin Horgmo of F&H Racing finished in a strong position at the Grand Prix of Germany. Horgmo had to go wide at the start of both motos but charged back to sixth and fifth position in the motos, which gave him fourth position overal. Jed Beaton finished in fourteenth position in both MXGP races!

Pushed wide at turn one F&H Kawasaki Racing Team’s Kevin Horgmo held eighth place for more than half of the first moto in the wake of the leaderboard train which formed on the predominantly one-line track. As the track developed more lines became available and the Norwegian built two clever passes on consecutive laps to finish sixth. The riders off the inside gates again pushed him wide at turn one but within ten minutes he was moving forward from his initial seventh to secure fifth; a relentless chase after the rider directly ahead of him in the points chase came up just one second short, but fourth overall on the day has confirmed fourth in the championship standings and sees him close to within twenty-seven points of third in the series.

Kevin Horgmo: “Yesterday I made a silly mistake in Qualifying and hit the gate, but I felt good on the bike as I came from last to eighth and the set-up was good all weekend. I got pushed wide at turn one from that gate position today but I came from mid-pack both motos to sixth and fifth for fourth overall; I felt my riding was better than the result but that mistake at the gate yesterday cost me. Now to Indonesia; it will be a new experience for me and for sure it will be even hotter than here.“

F&H Kawasaki Racing Team’s Jed Beaton emerged seventeenth from the opening lap of the first moto but was able to push for the entire thirty-five minutes to gain three positions on his way to fourteenth. The Australian was quickly fourteenth in race two and also finished in that position after a race-long battle with the runner-up from race one. He is now seventeenth in the series standings despite missing three rounds through injury.

Kevin Horgmo climbs to fourth position in the world championship standings MX2

F&H Kawasaki Racing Team’s Kevin Horgmo lifted himself to fourth in the FIM World MX2 Motocross Championship standings after narrowly missing the podium at Ernee in France.
Top-grade preparation by the highly-experienced MC Ernée crew saw the track in superb condition for the first MX2 moto and the F&H KX250 hooked up perfectly out of the start to grab an immediate lead which he held for three-and-a-half laps before the championship leader sneaked under the Norwegian but could not escape. A four-rider lead-train enthralled the massive crowd as Horgmo retained second place for a further three laps until a momentary loss of traction on the trickiest climb of the track saw him pushed back to fourth, a placing he maintained without stress to the chequered flag. He was again prominent through the first turn in race two but a couple of poor line-choices through the next two turns pushed back to eighth. Undeterred by the temporary setback he coolly set to work and was back into the top-five within ten minutes, fourth by half-distance and spent the final quarter pressurising the eventual GP winner for third in moto; a pass would have secured the podium but the Kawasaki came up less than two seconds short for his second fourth-placed moto finish of the day. This secured fourth overall on the day and sees him advance to fourth in the series standings.

Kevin Horgmo: “It was nice to lead again; I was second at the start and could make the pass already at the next turn to lead for three laps, but then I made a couple of mistakes with line-choice and dropped back to fourth. Once I settled again I put in some solid laps and was happy with my speed. I made another good start behind Vialle in the second race but I messed up in the first few turns and dropped back to eighth. I put in some really good laps to come back to fourth; I came close to Vialle and would have been on the podium if I could have passed him. Still, fourth overall was good so I can be satisfied; that was one of my best races this year. The bike was working really well in the tricky conditions; there were a lot of lines out there so it was possible to make a difference if you wanted it enough.“

Jed Beaton made a superb start in the first moto to run a solid sixth for more than half of the race before the effects of his recent injury lay-off forced him to slacken his pace slightly; he continued to race top-ten until a late error dropped the Australian to thirteenth. Eleventh on the opening lap of race two he posted a succession of solid laps to move into the top-ten mid-moto but the deficit of recent bike-time again took its toll in the closing laps and he finished thirteenth once more for the same position overall on the day. He remains seventeenth in the series points standings.

Jed Beaton: “I started off good for twenty-five minutes both motos but the last ten minutes were difficult each time. I missed a couple of GPs with my shoulder and it showed as I’m still lacking race fitness. But it was another step in the right direction; I’m showing at the start of the race what I can do and now I have to build fitness back up to take it to the end of the moto.“